Welcome to the new LynKnight.com

As part of our dedication to our customers, we have upgraded LynKnight.com to a brand new version. Although the new site looks very different from the prior version, all of the new functionality is programmed to act pretty much the same as the old site.

Below are some basic instructions on how to use the new LynKnight.com:

1. You can login by clicking on the "Login" Button on the right side of the top menu bar:

2. If you forget your password just click on the "Forgot Password?" link under the login menu. And fill in your email address to receive password reset instructions by mail:

3. If you haven't registered yet, just click on the "Register" link under the login menu.

4. You can search on items listed on our site by clicking on the "Search" menu option up top:

5. On the search page, you can search for items by Lot Number, Title/Description and by Catalog. Once search results are returned you can click anywhere on the item row to see the details of the item on a new page.

6. While on the item page if you place your mouse over the picture you will be able to zoom into the item picture:

7. To place bid on an item scroll down on the item page and put in your bid and hit the "Bid" button:

8. You can view your bids anytime by clicking on the "My Bids" menu option under "My Account" menu bar option. You need to login to be able to see this menu option.

9. On "My Bids" page you can filter your bids by sale and view items' current prices, your maximum bids and place new bids you prefer to by putting in your bids under the "Bid" boxes and clicking the "Bid" button at the bottom of the "Bid" column:

10. If you are a consignor, you can find the link for your "My Consignments" page under the "My Account" menu option (after you log in):

11. On "My Consignments" page you can filter your consignments by sale and view each item's current price:

12. You can find the link for your "My Invoices" page under the "My Account" menu option (after you log in):

13. On "My Invoices" page you can click on any of the invoices listed to get details of your invoice:

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